Jeff Barriss

Jeff0600 was a direct result of Jeff's years of struggling with his own weight loss and fitness goals. His daily workouts and fitness model are a combination of his 16 years of experience in the health and fitness field. Jeff is NSCA certified, Kettle Bell certified, and is a certified personal trainer. He has competed in races at all levels, including road races, trail marathons and ultra marathons (including a 100 mile race), triathlons, obstacle course events, death race training and military challenges. Jeff coaches and designs programs for clients at every fitness level. His specialty is getting people to step outside of their comfort zone and achieve goals they never imagined possible. When you become part of the 0600 community, you are quickly "all in." Jeff has turned casual runners into ultramarathoners and weekend warriors into fitness fanatics. Jeff models his life and work after a favorite quote, "You may never know what results come from your actions. But if you take no action, there will be no results." - Mahatma Gandhi

Tara Deeble

taraTara rounds out her resume with the completion of two 100 mile races, several other marathons and ultra-marathons, the creation of a successful walk-to-run program with graduates scattered between Boston and Melrose and as a key contributor to a local trail running series co-sponsored by Marathon Sports. Tara is very involved in 0600's obstacle course training, running coaching, and kids programs. Tara's passion includes focusing on functional movements to increase overall strength and endurance and to help people put all the pieces together to achieve optimal health. Tara takes a whole-life approach to fitness including healthy eating (and great recipes!), voracious reading on fitness and healthy lifestyles, weight training, and trail and road running. She is eager to share her journey with all and her non-threatening, easy-going style will have you wondering how someone so sweet could work you so hard.

Deana Hickey

DeanaDeana knows what it is like to be a beginner. Although she's always stayed active, it wasn't until she discovered strength training that her fitness regime kicked in. Deana has completely changed her body composition by following a routine of cardio and lifting. Although she is capable of training the most devoted of body builders, her specialty is beginners. She'll work with you to bring focus into your fitness routine. Deana is an 0600 certified instructor and has been on board with us for over a year.

Sarah Guedez

Sarah GuedezSarah's love of fitness started when she began running. Training for a 5k quickly became training for marathons. After wanting to focus on increasing her strength she tried CrossFit and was hooked. She felt powerful, strong, and empowered. Fitness and a healthy lifestyle prepared and helped her through two pregnancies. Sarah is a ACE certified personal trainer and an Oh Baby pre/postnatal certified group trainer. She is an engineer who turned to personal and group training because she became passionate about what the body is really capable of. Her scientific background gives her understanding of a whole body approach that delivers sustainability and results. Her goal is to empower others to find their strength and power through fitness. Sarah is driven to help others to find a healthier lifestyle while acknowledging that the path to healthy may look different for each individual.

Dan Griffin

Dan GriffinDan has worked as a certified trainer and coach for the last four years in Massachusetts. He has his Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and is currently in school to earn his Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. In 2016, Dan interned at Boston College for Strength and Conditioning where he assisted in coaching the men’s and women’s hockey, soccer, and basketball teams along with the women’s field hockey team. In addition to school, he is currently coaching CrossFit, group exercise and personal train individual clients. Dan has had the experience to work with all different populations and fitness levels. From youth athletes, to Division 1 athletes to adults looking for a healthier lifestyle, he enjoys helping all people reach their goals. Dan played football, basketball and track and field in high school and found weightlifting and CrossFit the following year. He enjoys all modes and types of training and is always looking for new research on optimal human performance. Dan's passion for helping others is the reason he decided to become a trainer and a physical therapist.