A Functional Workout for a Dysfunctional World

Let’s face it. A bootcamp is not a bootcamp is not a bootcamp. Everyone throws the word around, but few are more than the old glorified aerobics class, sans the fancy outfits.
We, at 0600, emulate the original boot campers. We toss sandbags, we push tires, we carry rocks, we struggle up, over, and under obstacles. In the spring, we even get muddy. At 0600, you will push, pull, balance, sprint, snap ropes, and work your core. If you are ready to commit to a whole new level of fitness — whether you are starting from scratch, recommitting to a long-lost goal, or bringing it to the next level of athleticism — we are ready to help you meet your challenge.


What am I getting ready for, anyway?

At 0600, we like you to have a goal. If we help you achieve it, you’ll stick with us. And as your goals grow, 0600 grows with you.
When 0600 members decided they wanted to run a local race, the class took it outside once each week to run hills, work on sprints and increase endurance. Nine out of 10 of our members turned in personal best race results.
When a group of women came to 0600 staff with an idea for “women only” strength training, we liked what they had to say. And started a class where we left the big weights — and the big guys — at home. Needless to say, bikini retailers will be getting some extra business this summer.
Three friends who met weekly for coffee decided to pool their resources and tailor a personal training program just for them. They’re not meeting for coffee anymore, but thanks to 0600, they’ll be meeting at the starting line of a Duathlon this spring.

Take the step. Try a class. The first is always free. And with new day, you’ll be amazed at what you have become.