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Personal Training

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Cool 2017 Summer Programs

We are so excited to introduce several new programs so you have the BEST and fittest summer ever!

  1. Bring a friend Friday – If you know someone who has been interested in trying 0600, or is new to working out, bring them to any of our 3 classes on Friday.  If you are not a member and are interested in trying a class send us an email.
  2. Friday night class – In an effort to provide you with as many options as possible to stay fit over the summer we have added a 6:30 PM class on Friday.  We now have evening classes M-F!
  3. Trail Run Thursday – Join us for a “fun” run on Thursday nights.  All levels are welcome!  We meet at the gym at 6:45 PM and head out for 3-5 miles.
  4. Youth Programs – Our high school strength and conditioning program will be meeting on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4:30-5:30 PM from June 26th – August 18th. The cost of the program is $295.  To register go to the High School Program.  If you have a middle school athlete/team interested in strength and conditioning please email us.

There is always that ONE summer that changes you…let this be the ONE!

Welcome to the best boot camp north of Boston.

Just one workout with us and you'll be with us forever.

Whether you are just starting out or looking to improve your race time, our proven techniques will get you to your goals. Join us for an hour-long workout. After one, you'll be back for more.

We offer fitness classes, personal training, obstacle course training, running coaching, triathlon, and duathlon training.
We work with a network of local nutritionists who will help you reach a healthier lifestyle.
0600 is one of the few gyms to offer both indoor and outdoor facilities.

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Recent Testimonial

"Every time I walk into 0600 conditioning gym, I feel a wave of comfort, although I am aware that I am soon going to be breaking outside of my comfort zone. The smell of metal and the clanking of barbells trigger a feeling of familiarity. The camaraderie of hard working people, with goals engraved into their brains, similar to me, sparks my adrenaline. People are scattered all over the gym, everyone out of breath and tired, but happy. I love the colorful posters pinned on every wall, encouraging people to work harder. A feeling of vulnerability is likely to be present while working out, however at 0600, I never feel criticized. My greatest achievements have taken place at the gym, as well as my worst disappointments. I hold an unlimited amount of admiration for the coaches who remain positive in any given circumstance. Their attitudes have been acquired over years of persevering through many obstacles, as they now teach us to do. There is an unbreakable bond between people who fight through pain together to achieve their goals, and 0600 exemplifies that connection. When I walk through the door of 0600, I am stepping into a realm of optimism.”

-- 0600 Conditioning High School Athlete


  • I came to 0600 three years ago looking for a change in my exercise and running routine. Jeff's expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm for overall health and fitness has helped me reach goals I never imagined. He encourages his clients to push their perceived limits, challenge themselves beyond their comfort zone and think "outside the box". Jeff is eager to share his passion for trail running and vast running experience with the 0600 community. With his guidance, I have gone on to complete a trail marathon and several ultramarathon distances, including a 50k, 50 mile and 100 mile race. In combination with his targeted strength training program and nutritional guidance I have become a stronger, faster and injury-free runner. 0600 is the place to go when you are ready to take your fitness to the next level. – Tara D
  • I met Tara several years ago when she first began on her fitness journey. I remember thinking that she was crazy to be training for a 100 mile race. When she invited me to run with her on the trails, I ran three and then walked three. I loved the quiet peacefulness of trail running, and soon became hooked. Tara has been right there with me as I went from running and walking to completing a 50K trail ultra-marathon. From the beet juice cocktails she recommended, to the encouragement she provided during my last 10K of the ultra, Tara has been committed to my own fitness journey. I can't thank her enough. – Don D
  • I have been with Karen since day 1 about a year and a half. Looking back to where I started to where I am today, I have to honestly say I could not have accomplished so many things without Karen being part of my boot camp experience. From lifting weights or swinging kettle bells to accomplishing box jumping successfully I honestly could have never done it without Karen encouraging me to push myself and getting over my fears. Then this summer when I was going to California, she hooked me up with a kettle bell and a work out routine to follow before I left words can't express how much I appreciated that. – Vonette I
  • I love working with Deana. She is enthusiastic and encouraging, and whenever we meet she always has a great tough workout prepared, with exercises that seem to work every muscle I have. Deana is really good at helping me find and accomplish my goals, and she has a great way of saying "you can do that!" that makes me feel like I can accomplish anything and helps get me through the days where working out feels like a chore, rather than something fun. Deana makes me feel like I can do anything I put my mind to and that means the world to me. – Sarah R
  • Before coming to 0600 I was a struggling runner who strived to be better, faster, stronger. After my fist class with Jeff more than 2 years ago I knew I was in the right place to accomplish those goals. With his help I have crossed over to trail running, completed my first trail marathon and ultra-marathon. Jeff has pushed me when I needed it most and has helped me reach goals that I didn't think were possible. He is an amazing trainer, motivator and runner and his passion for all of those things is what makes 0600 the place where athletes go. – Jen B
  • I always wanted to try yoga, but was nervous about walking into a class of people who knew what they were doing. Linda does a great job of introducing a beginner to the program without making you feel awkward or uncoordinated. I love the way she shows you how to modify if you are unable to do something. She’s prepared with blocks and straps so that if you aren’t all that flexible, there is still a way to get a great stretch. I look forward to Linda’s class as downtime after a busy day. It is a perfect compliment to swinging kettlebells in the morning. – Mary W.